Success history on cinematics industry – Platige tells you how!

September 5, 2014  |  CG Tips  |  No Comments

First things first. What’s Platige!? According to them Platige is a “vehicle for creative endeavors with 15 years of experience in creative stunning visuals and carrying out technologically advanced projects. Since our inception, we have combined film and advertising work with a strong passion for art, education, and entertainment.” And we agree in 100 %!


On this post we will provide you with a successful case study based on a professional use of Autodesk software and products. A great opportunity to learn about project conception and development from a prestigious company on the cinematic industry.
Damian Nenow and Tomek Baginski, directors at Poland-based Platige Image, discuss on this video the evolving world of visual effects. The vfx studio specializes in commercials, game cinematics, shorts, full-feature films, and projects for museums and schools. The 3ds Max tools and Autodesk software enable them to realize their creative visions and solve problems quickly.

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