About me

I am a brazilian 3D Artist focused on character design for games and movies. I work with game design projects and develop professional DVD training courses for Tonka3D. My objective is to work with game productions and keep on improving my creative and technical skills.

I was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. In 2003 I graduated in Industrial Design at FAAP, a renowned university located at São Paulo, Brazil, when I presented as my graduation work my short film called Tonka3d. At that time, I was already well engaged with the world of 3d animation, had done some extra courses in 2002 and kept on studying on my own by applying the 3D in my college works.

From there it was a matter of time and effort. I prepared some materials and began searching for job opportunities. Getting the first job as a freelance was not an easy task, but in late 2003, I had the opportunity to work with a team when I could make a 3D animation for the Brazilian film called “Pelé Eterno”. The experience and contacts were very important, so the money I was making was not in the foreground.

Thereafter, there were some small jobs coming from friends and people I met in the studies. In 2004 I got a job in a company that used to make DVD menus. I stayed there for about 1 year and a half. That was very interesting because I could understand a lot about video production and 3d could apply in different parts of the menus, one of them came to use a character in full 3D, as the deadline for the production of these menus was somewhere around 1 week. In parallel, I could also produce some small works for game companies overseas, but I was fully aware that I had plenty of room for my improvement. Every year I always learn something more and I feel like I am always engaged and determined with my works.

Parallel to my jobs, I never stopped doing my personal work and quit my participation in competitions, because I believe we always end up learning and get our works published as well. Doing a job for a client is very different from doing a job for you. Some websites elect 3D images and when your are chosen, it is very rewarding and bracing. I have always tried to do different jobs, in order to find a better focus and nowadays it is very common seeing people getting specialized in a particular subject, like modeling cars, character modeling, texture, lighting, animation, compositing, editing, effects etc. But when you do all of that by yourself, it requires a lot of full dedication, specially if the market for these subjects is out of your original country.

In 2006, I started teaching 3d in a brazilian school called Cadritech, where I stayed for a couple of years and that was a unique experience to learn a lot and where I also could make friends with same interesting and meet other professionals. In parallel, I could stay a few months working in a company of mobile phone games, called Gameloft, where I made more friends and learned a great deal. Gaming is a very interesting area and nowadays is very common to see video games related to movies or vice versa.

In 2008 I started to teach 3D lessons by myself and adopted a new school called Tonka3d to hold all of my courses and ideas I had in mind. In my case, 3D characters have always been my passion and today are my specialty, especially for games. I hope many people like me might be able to work with the universe of 3D animation, because the more people here in Brazil who work with it, the greater the magnitude of the work done here will be. The market in Brazil is growing each year and I hope it to continue, although the biggest market is far within the USA.

Today, I am a 3d Artist and Professional Animator focused on the creation of characters for games and movies. I currently work with game design projects and on the development of new training programs for professional artists in Brazil. I am also in charge for the highest quality brazilian 3d training DVDs through the Tonka3d Store.

My objective is to keep on working with game productions and get always improvement over my creative and technical skills.